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Nuxo uses the latest tech to better serve you.

Nuxo's objective is to empower the population by offering a simple, fast, easy to use and accessible way to verify news thus, tackling the negative effects of mis and disinformation.


Always Available

You can use Nuxo at any time, it will always be there for you, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It will never leave you hanging.


Lightning Fast

Nuxo can analyze news articles and provide a response in a matter of seconds. You don't have to wait too long to learn the truth.


Any Language

Do you speak English, French or Portuguese? It doesn't really matter as Nuxo can process information in any language.


Accessible & Inclusive

Nuxo will be accessible by anyone, in any device and we are working to allow you to use it without having access to the Internet.


Machine Learning

Nuxo learns continuously and becomes even more accurate with each analysis. The more you use it, the better it becomes.


Safe & Secure

Nuxo cares about your privacy and security of your data. It does not want to sell you stuff, it only wants you to be better informed.




News Analysed


News Assimilated


In Press

Anywhere. Anytime. Nuxo is here for you.

If Nuxo wants to empower the world population and reach the majority of its population, it has to be accessible by any device, via a dedicated mobile app or a chatbot on any given instant messaging client or even in other news related websites or apps.


Mobile App

The best way to experience Nuxo. A native app where you can verify news articles and share it with your tribe afterwards.



Don't want to download Nuxo app? Just reach out to it on your favorite instant messaging app, just like talking to a friend.


Browser Extension

A quick and simple way to verify news articles while browsing the Internet. Read, click, and get results. That simple!



The API will allow its accessibility to grow exponencially, allowing Nuxo to be embedded virtually anywhere on the web.

Empower. Verify. Inform.

The app that will enhance your fact-checking experience is coming soon!